Assistive Technology


Please contact Nina Price for more information on Assistive Technology or a possible Assistive Technology evaluation.

Considering AT in the IEP


When is AT considered?

Assistive Technology is considered in all IEP and amendment meetings.  It is also considered any time a student is struggling to  complete his academics in the classroom or meet his IEP goals.

How do I know what Assistive Technology is appropriate?
Contact the Assistive Technology Coordinator for support.

What is Available?
Low tech (colored paper, pencil grips)
Middle Tech (calculators, recorders, AAC devices)
High Tech (computers, keyboards, AAC devices)

How do I get AT?
Contact the AT team.

AT must be considered at every IEP meeting.  If AT is needed, progress monitoring must be completed on the goals.  The AT goal can be embedded in other academic, daily living, or transition goals.  

AT Resources

Guides and Examples

Colors and Learning

Watch this PowerPoint to find out how color can help your students learn better.