Facts and Figures

With all schools accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the Colquitt County School System places priority on academics. Approximately 9,600 students are served by the district's ten elementary schools, one middle school (grades 6-7), one junior high school (grades 8-9), and one high school( grades 10-12). Alternate programs enhance educational services. Classes typically begin in early August.

Schools & Facilities Assessment Budget

Colquitt County
Size: 552 square miles
Population: Approximately 46,000


Total Schools: 13
Elementary: 10
Middle (6-7): 1
Junior (8-9): 1
High: 1


Achievement Center(6-12)
GEAR - Gifted Center (3-5)

Student Population: Approximately 9600

Georgia Milestones

Colquitt County buses transport an approximate 11,362 students per day (morning and evening routes combined), 8500 miles per day totaling 1,512,000 miles per year.

Colquitt County School Nutrition:
  • served approximately 17,000 meals during the 2019 Summer Feeding Program.
  • served 1,301,293 Lunch Meals in SY 18-19.
  • served 768,376 Breakfast Meals in SY 18-19.
  • served 100,851 After-School Snacks in SY 18-19.
  • CEP Participation SY18-19:  Community Eligibility Provision Program - All school sites qualify to receive meals at no charge for breakfast and lunch.  No applications required.
  • Employees - Approximately 113 trained food service professionals in 13 school locations, three satellite sites, and average three employees per site who are ServSafe Certified by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Colquitt County Board of Education is one of the largest employers in Colquitt County, with approximately 1,500 employees.