Parent and Family Engagement

Darlene Reynolds, Parent and Family Engagement Director

229-890-6200, Ext. 10034

Welcome to Colquitt County Schools Parent and Family Engagement!  Parents are their child’s first and best teacher. We support our families in your efforts to help your child receive a quality education.

On this website, parents/families can locate information regarding Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plans, Parent-School Compacts and documentation along with resources to help parents support their students so that they can be academically successful. All schools in the district are Schoolwide Title I schools, with the exception of the Colquitt County Achievement Center. This means that all parents/families of Colquitt County students have the right to be involved in the development and/or revision of district and school Title I documents. Parents are encouraged to provide input/suggestions on programs/activities that are provided by our schools to help their child be academically successful. Each school has a Parent Liaison that they can contact for additional information or assistance or parents/guardians/families can contact Darlene Reynolds, District Parent and Family Engagement Director at 229-890-6200, Ext. 10034.

Parent and Family Engagement Plans, Compacts and Other Useful Information

Colquitt County District Parent and Family Engagement Plan - English and Spanish

Parent and Family Engagement Plan Cover Letter  English    Spanish

Parent Right To Know  English    Spanish

School Based Parent and Family Engagement Liaisons

School Parent Compacts (In English and Spanish). The pages also contain other Title I Documentation for each school.

Colquitt County High School  

C. A . Gray Jr. High   

W. J. Williams Middle School 

Cox Elementary

Doerun Elementary

Funston Elementary

Hamilton Elementary

Norman Park Elementary

Odom Elementary

Okapilco Elementary

R B Wright Elementary

Stringfellow Elementary

Sunset Elementary

Handouts and Resources

Get Involved!

The Colquitt County School System wants to partner with you to provide all students with a positive and enriching educational ex

perience.  We are committed to providing information, opportunities, and resources to enable parents and guardians to be involved in their child’s academic experience. 

Visit your child's school website to view school level Title I schoolwide Plan or Parent and Family Engagement Plan and provide any input that you may have. 

Click here for school listings.

Or, click on the following link to provide feedback on the district or school level Parent and Family Engagement Plan and Title I

Title I Stakeholder Feedback - English   

Formulario de comentarios de las partes interesadas del Título I (español)- Spanish  

Copyright Piracy

Harms of Copyright Piracy for Parents 

 Parents, as you know, we are living in a technological age with access to so much on the web.  With all this information at their finger tips, we want to make sure all our students have the correct understanding of the Harms or Copyright Piracy.  Please click on the following link to find out more about copyright piracy .

Parent Information

WIDA Handout for Parents  English

English Learner ACCESS Score Report    Spanish

English Learner ACCESS Score Report    English

Parent and Family Engagement Fall Survey

Title I Parent Handbook

Title I Parent Handbook in English and Spanish

Parent and Family Engagement Surveys

Parent and Family Engagement Evaluation Surveys: 

Please click the links below to access the survey. CURRENTLY CLOSED