Vision | Mission | Beliefs | Motto

Vision:  Colquitt County Schools will become schools of excellence.

Mission:  The Colquitt County School System is committed to the daily pursuit of excellence in student achievement while working with parents and the community to serve the needs of all children in a positive and safe environment.

Beliefs:  The Colquitt County School system believes:

  • High expectations for learning are required for school and student success
  • All students can learn, and learning must be the primary focus
  • Each student is a valued individual with unique intellectual, emotional, physical, and social needs
  • Students learn in different ways and must be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to maximize their learning
  • Continuous and balanced assessment of student learning is essential for planning effective instruction
  • Prompt and regular attendance by students and staff is essential for optimal learning
  • A safe and quality physical environment promotes student learning
  • All decisions – instructional and operational – should be data driven

Goals: (As described in the System Strategic Plan)

Strategy I:  Future Ready Students:

We will provide all students with a rigorous and relevant course of instruction grounded with real world applications. 

1.1 Ensure teacher understanding and alignment of Common Core Standards and Georgia Performance Standards. (Vision Project 4.3) 

1.2 Utilize Professional Learning Communities to support vertical and horizontal alignment and facilitate collaboration. 

1.3 Utilize dis-aggregated data and to ensure effective instruction in order to improve performance of all subgroups. (Vision Project 3.3) 

1.4 Align paths of study and courses in elementary, middle, junior high and senior high schools based on college and career readiness. (Vision Project 4.3) 

1.5 Continue improving gifted instruction and programming K-12. 

1.6 Ensure consistency across the county with all forms of assessments 

1.7 Use multiple forms of assessment grounded in objective data to direct teachers’ instructional decisions, to regularly provide meaningful feedback to students and parents, and to ensure that teachers use varied measures to determine what students know and can do. (Vision Project 4.4) 

1.8 Foster relationships with early learning partners that include all public and private human service organizations. (Vision Project 3.1, 3.2, and 3.5) 

Strategy 2:  21st Century Professionals:  

We will attract and retain highly effective, enthusiastic staff with skills to lead, teach, assess, and support learning needs of all students. 

2.1 Provide staff professional development opportunities that are aligned with district priorities, i.e., Curriculum - CCGPS, Instruction - Effective Strategies, Assessment - Summative and Formative. 

2.2 Implement TKES/LKES (Teacher/Leader Keys Effectiveness System) (Vision Project 6.3) 

Strategy 3:  Leadership for Innovation and Collaboration: 

We will continue to engage parents, staff, community, EL parents, and others to partner with the school system.

3.1 Establish a county-wide parent leadership committee.

3.2 Establish a county-wide teacher leadership committee.

3.3 Establish a county-wide ad hoc community leaders committee.

3.4 Establish a secondary school student leadership committee (Vision Project 8.7) 

3.5 Implement and monitor Colquitt County School Systems Communications Plan to promote public education as the cornerstone of American democracy by publicizing student and school success through all available media. (Vision Project 2.1)

3.6 Develop safe, orderly, supportive learning environments built on respect and encouragement where all individuals believe they can make a positive difference (Vision Project 8.1 and 8.2)

Strategy 4:  21st Century Systems: 

We will provide technology necessary to support the 21st century student learning and teacher instruction.

4.1 Establish a technology device purchase and re-cycle plan.

4.2 Utilize technology to support all aspects of instructional and administrative functions.  (Vision Project 4.2) 

4.3 Ensure that network infrastructures are up to industry standards.

4.4 Ensure that all classrooms meet the baseline for required classroom technology.

Strategy 5:  Budgeting, Planning and Funding: 

We will provide facilities, technology, safety, and other pertinent matters necessary to support 21st century student learning and ensure transparency in all aspects of the budgeting and planning processes.

5.1 Prepare a five year spending plan. (Vision Project 9.3)

5.2 Research innovative ways and means to be more effective, efficient, and fiscally responsible. 

5.3 Develop safe, orderly, supportive learning environments built on respect and encouragement where all individuals believe they can make a positive difference (Vision Project 8.1 and 8.2) 

5.4 Establish a senior administrative succession plan. (Vision Project 6.3)  

5.5 Instill that while individual schools need to remain autonomous we must function as a school system 

5.6 Manage the progress of the AdvancEd monitoring and reporting 

5.7 Implement year one of five year Charter System status

Motto:  Each Day - Excellence In Every Way!