Packer School-Based Telehealth Clinic Program

The Packer Health Clinic is a school-based telehealth clinic located at every elementary school and GEAR in partnership with Colquitt Regional Medical Center physicians. Students will be able to be evaluated by a school nurse for acute illnesses such as sore throat, earache, and skin rashes, as well as have lab tests administered for viruses such as flu and strep. The student can have a virtual visit with a physician for diagnosis and treatment if needed. The Packer Health Clinic program will allow for a faster evaluation of medical needs, reduce the spread of any contagious condition by eliminating the need to visit a doctor’s office, and quicker access to treatment once diagnosed by the physician. For minor cases, parents will benefit from not having to leave work but still be able to have their child receive medical attention. To participate in telehealth services in the Packer Health Clinic, guardians must complete an enrollment packet provided by the student’s school nurse.

Scope of Services
  • Care for acute illnesses (i.e., sore throat, earache, skin rash)
  • Management of ongoing care of existing medical conditions (i.e., asthma, ADD/ADHD)
  • Lab tests (i.e., strep tests, flu screens, urine analysis)
  • Appointments are scheduled during the school hours so that students can receive quality specialty care without having to leave school, unless contagious.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I enroll my child?
    • Complete the Packer Health Elementary Student Information Packet which includes a health questionnaire and consent forms.
    • Provide a copy of your insurance card to the school clinic.
  • Does a parent have to be present for the doctor's appointment? Parents are always welcome to attend, but it is not required for acute appointments. Primary care physicians will usually see the child without the parent. If it is a specialty appointment, parents will be required to attend.
  • What if the doctor orders labs for my child? Strep, flu, and urine analysis tests will be performed at the school clinic. However, if blood work is ordered by the doctor, you will be asked to take your child to the lab.
  • What if the doctor prescribes medication for my child? In most cases, medication can be called into the pharmacy of your choice.
  • Will my child still be seen by the school nurse if I do not participate in the Packer Health Program? Yes, students will be seen as previously in the school clinic. However, they will not be seen by a physician unles proper forms are completed for the Packer Health Clinic.
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