Did you know Georgia is now a leading destination in the world for filming? The Georgia film industry GROWTH is projected to generate 40,000 jobs in Georgia over the next 18 months with a $2 billion investment. Television & Film production jobs in Georgia pay an average salary of $84,000. However, there is a need for original content creators--screenwriters, script writers, playwrights, etc.

How can you prepare to be an original content creator? Dramatic Writing for Film, Television, and Theatre I is for senior students or accelerated students who need a 4th English course. It counts for both an English credit (as Advanced Composition) AND a Fine Arts credit. The course can be offered as an Honors course or a regular CP level course. It is fun, but rigorous and requires A LOT of writing, but the writing and workload are very different from typical English classes. The ideal candidate will have an interest in creative writing, film, television, theatre and other entertainment and be comfortable sharing writing assignments, creative projects, and ideas with the class. Students who take Dramatic Writing will write their own screenplays, scripts, plays, monologues, web series, and  unique personal stories. There will be assignments to analyze film, TV shows, plays, and videos as literature. The possibilities are endless and this is a distinctly different class than anything offered for the 4th English credit.

See Susan Passmore for more information about the course. 

Visit this informational video  about the Dramatic Writing class The video was produced by Aaron Levy, the Dramatic Writing and Lead Trainer for the Georgia Film Academy to explain to students what the class is about.