Colquitt County Schools

Each Day - Excellence in Every Way


Grades K-5

Identified gifted students in grades K-2 receive services at their home school using acceleration, cluster, and resource. Learning opportunities that are more rigorous, challenging, and extend their learning are provided. Students in grades 3-5 have an option to receive advanced content services at a center or be served at their home school by cluster or advanced content. Collaboration is used to provide services when there is no endorsed teacher available in the student’s grade and school.


Gifted Standards serve as the focus for an integrated curriculum based on the Common Core and Georgia Performance Standards. An advanced content curriculum, developed by experienced gifted teachers, is maintained and made available for advanced content teachers in the elementary schools to follow. Gifted standards of advanced research, creative and critical thinking, advanced communication, and understanding self are embedded. The parallel curriculum model serves as the basis for curriculum planning and development. This model considers which includes content, connections, practice, and identity.