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Colquitt County Schools Technology Department supports teachers and students with access to 21st Century instructional materials, equipment, infrastructure, sustained support, and training.  Technology specialists deliver instructional training and assist with technology initiatives.  Network services staff members are assigned to schools and use work order requests to schedule troubleshooting time for each school.

Instruction and Information Services
Emily Bell, Director
Phone: (229) 890-6200, ext. 10010
Amelia Witherspoon, Secretary
Phone: (229) 890-6200 ext. 10036

Student Information Services
Tami Tillman, Coordinator
Phone: (229) 890-6200 ext. 10035

Instructional Technology Specialist 

Randi Brown, Technology Specialist
Phone: (229) 890-6200 ext. 10037

Christy Dryden, Technology Specialist

Phone: (229) 890-6200, ext. 10039

Help Desk for Logins and Tier 1 Support
Avis Sutton, Instructional Provider
Phone: (229) 890-6200 ext. 10040

Instructional Technology Website

Network Services
Greg Ponder, Director
(229) 890-6200 ext. 10011
Michael Lardy, Network Administrator for WJW Middle School, CA Gray Junior High, and other schools as needed
(229) 890-6200 ext. 10041
Alan Botkin, Computer Technician  
(229) 890-6200 ext. 10079
Kim Rowe, Computer Technician for Elementary Schools
(229) 890-6200 ext. 10043
Clay Smith, Network Administrator for Central Office and other schools as needed
(229) 890-6200 ext. 10044
Cole Kelly, Computer Technician for Colquitt County High School
(229) 890-6200 ext. 10042

E-Rate Proposals

2015/16 Funding Year Request for E-Rate Proposals:

  1.  RFP for Internet/WAN
  2. RFP for Computers