Student Record Archives

Your high school transcript is available at your request and can be certified and sent directly to a college or university, correspondence school, potential employer, etc., at no charge to you.  However, in an effort to protect your identity, transcripts will not be mailed to personal addresses.  Should you wish to have a copy for your records, you must present identification in person.  You can now download a copy of the Request for Student Records and either bring it by the board office, mail it or fax it.

We have student records dating back as far as the 1940's; however, some of the older records were destroyed by fire before they were copied.  Permanent quarter/semester grades as well as CAT, SAT, and Criterion Reference Test scores make up the student transcript.  Please make sure when filling out the request to give the correct year of graduation or withdrawal and the student name as it was listed when you graduated.

Please send all requests to:
Jill Stanford
P.O. Box 2708 ~ Moultrie, GA  31776
Email: ~ Phone: (229) 890-6261~ Fax: (229) 873-3414