Student Winners of the Art Center’s Youth Art Month Exhibit


Pictured left to right: Aide Reyes, Cityscape – 1st Place; Ellie Bloodworth, Majestic Waterfall – 2nd Place; Aralyn Cooper, Mandala Power – 3rd Place.    

Students from Willie J. Williams, C.A. Gray, and Colquitt County High School participated in an exhibit showcasing student artwork in honor of Youth Art Month (March).  Other middle school students participating were: 6th Grade: Sydney Nagle and Jesenia Aguilar; 7th Grade: Audrie Leija, LeAnna Gay, Wendy Velazquez, Aralyn Cooper, Michelle Najera, Angel Gutierrez, Aide Reyes, Israel Gachuz, Mariana Salas, Evelyn Vazquez, Hailey Fender, Shelby Reed, Misty Hasty, Nathalie Perez, Keaton Beck, Alicia Gonzalez, Isabella Herrera, and Natalie Charles.

Youth Art Month is a National Recognition of student artists held annually in March. Locally, it was endorsed by: Willie J. Williams Principal, Mr. Jamie Horne; Colquitt County Schools Superintendent, Mr. Doug Howell, and City of Moultrie Mayor, Mr. William M. McIntosh (whom also attended the opening ceremony).